D.B.M. starts its activity as Sole Proprietorship specialized in the supply of screen-printing services for medical products.


The company specializes in the assembly of components for Medical Devices (bags and lines).


D.B.M. S.r.l. is set up thanks to the contribution of D.B.M. Sole Proprietorship and the admission of new partners. A set of new investments enables the company to expand its business, in particular through the creation of two new Cleanrooms and a warehouse to store materials and finished products.


The company obtains the UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2012 Certification for the Manufacturing of custom Medical Devices. Buoyed by this success, D.B.M. creates its own R&D division to work on a new project aimed at the manufacture of prefilled syringes containing liquid formulations.


The manufacturing plant undergoes a partial restoration to best adjust the space to the new manufacturing processes. In the meanwhile, the Company acquires new cutting-edge instruments and equipment, among which the steam and air mixture autoclave is worth mentioning.


D.B.M. obtains the Certification for the design and manufacturing of own-brand disposable Medical Devices, as well as for the manufacturing and assembly of custom disposable Medical Devices.


In partnership with some important companies operating in the same field of expertise, D.B.M. starts manufacturing disposable pre-filled syringes containing sterile solutions under contract manufacturing agreements and under the customer’s own brand.


D.B.M. starts international trade of pre-filled syringes under D.B.M. brand.

D.B.M. continues investments in technology and innovation, starts the production of prefilled glass syringes, in contract manufacturing, dedicated to the health and personal care.


The production site undergoes a revamping to make it more functional to the changed need.


D.B.M. becomes a partner of some prestigious biomedical and pharma companies in the research and development of new disposable medical devices in pre-filled syringe and bag.


Investments in equipment continue through the purchase of a new automatic filling line and a new thermoforming machine.


Construction of the new production site begins.


D.B.M. inaugurates the new Warehouse, located adjacent to the new production site currently under construction.