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Why You Should Choose D.B.M. SALINEFLUSH To Manage Vascular Access Devices

Why you should choose D.B.M. SALINEFLUSH to manage vascular access devices

PRATICAL, ERGONOMIC, EFFECTIVE. These are the distinguishing features of D.B.M. SALINEFLUSH, a pre-filled syringe with sterile isotonic solution (NaCl 0.9%), used for flushing of vascular access devices.

Pratical because sterile syringe and solution avoid complications due to the contaminations in management of vascular access devices.

Ergonomic because the Luer-Lock connection ensures a perfect seal on the device.

Effective because the pre-filled syringe allows a reduced timing of intervention.

Want to know more? Go to the sheet of D.B.M. SALINEFLUSH.

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