Disposable syringes containing sterile solutions are the most innovative and required Medical Devices.
Their multiple advantages have led an increase in demand by healt professionals, both in Italy and abroad; however, in our country, the growing demand has met a lack of supply. This deficiency has been covered up by D.B.M., who has developed a line of pre-filled syringes containing liquid formulations.


Significantly reduced preparation time.

Traceability of the solution inside the syringe
Dosage is made on an individual basis.

Higher guarantee of hygiene
Prevention of dangerous cross-contamination between patients.

Higher guarantee of safety
The replacement of glass vials and bottles significantly reduces any possible injuries health workers or operators may incur during the preparation of the syringe.

User-friendly products
D.B.M.’s disposable syringes containing sterile solutions represent a state-of-the-art choice that will gain even more ground within the health industry.