D.B.M.’s business strategy can be summed up in a few words: search for Quality.

This objective permeates D.B.M.’s whole corporate philosophy and each sector in the company is tenaciously pursuing it.

The pursuit of Quality starts from a scrupulous selection of the Italian suppliers of raw materials. D.B.M. carries out thorough on-site inspections to guarantee both excellence and reliability.

Every single production takes place inside contamination-controlled rooms. Products are subject to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. These checks are carried out by highly qualified staff according to detailed procedures aimed at guaranteeing a constant excellence.

Continuing vocational training
D.B.M. strongly believes in the power of training to ensure and maintain the Quality of its products. For this reason, all the staff follow periodically trainings courses. In this way the company ensures competence and adaptability, also towards the new technologies and its challenges.

For D.B.M. Quality means also constant attention to collaborators’ security and psychophysical well-being. In fact, D.B.M. implements every possible strategy to protect its collaborators.

Research and Development
D.B.M.’s Research and Development division is always looking for new ideas to transform into innovative, efficient, reliable and safe products, which makes a contribution to improving patients’ healt.

D.B.M. uses cutting-edge instruments and equipment, based on new generation technologies.

The cooperation with fellow providers enables the company to constantly develop innovative projects aimed at improving the quality of the manufacturing process.

Quality is not possible without a commitment to the environment. D.B.M. abides by the relevant waste management laws and regulations and is committed to cutting back on harmful emissions.