The courage of innovation

Technologically advanced production processes

Accurate controls

Production of medical devices

Guarantee of safety and effectiveness
for healthcare professionals and patients

Research and Development

Thanks to a constantly updated range of Medical Devices, D.B.M. is an ideal partner capable of offering state-of-the-art products and innovative solutions.


In an ever-changing environment where companies constantly chase after new and effective solutions, D.B.M. distinguishes itself for its continuous research of innovative products.


Our internal procedures and continuous improvement, the commitment to customers and staff continuing vocational training are the best guarantee of quality for our products.

D.B.M. Srl - Company

D.B.M. Innovative Medical Devices

D.B.M. is a company fully committed to developing and manufacturing innovative Medical Devices capable of improving health professionals’ work and patients’ health.

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30Dec 21

Happy 2022 from D.B.M.

Another year is about to end. 2021 has been a busy and exciting year for D.B.M. We have opened our new stock and we have concluded many agreements with important…